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Member Services

With our new hosting site, we have added new services for our members and their guests.

Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups are reached from the link above, or by linking to There are groups for the OSLHP Board Members, for event planning, for discussion of reenacting topics, and for interacting in character. You should create an account and let the webmaster know that you are a member so that you can be given access to the members only areas.

New Calendar

The officers now have accounts to add and update calendar events right in the calendar page. Also, a list of upcoming events shows up automatically on the News & Events page.


All members of OSLHP will be entitled to an email account with an address. Our email is spam-filtered. You may either use our online mail program to pick up your mail by clicking "Email" above, or link to You can also set up your computer's email program to connect to your OSLHP email account. Your mailbox can hold 10 megabytes. For help, email the webmaster at